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Douglas J. Lavenburg, MD, P.A.
Practice Name Douglas J. Lavenburg, MD, P.A.
Contact E-MAIL Douglas J. Lavenburg, MD, P.A.
Practice Description Click here to visit the website of Dr. Douglas J. Lavenburg, Dr. Kimberly Bristow, Dr. Meredith Cohen-Weinberger, and the Delmar Surgical and Cosmetic Treatment Center. Please take this opportunity to navigate through our website and find answers to your questions pertaining to vision correction, medical and surgical diseases of the eye or skin care enhancements. Our practice is dedicated to providing the best patient care possible and as a result offers many procedures utilizing the latest technology. Dr. Douglas J. Lavenburg is a board certified ophthalmologist specializing in LASIK in Wilmington and Newark, Delaware and surrounding areas such as northeastern Maryland and southeastern Pennsylvania.
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Practice State & City: Delaware
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