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1. UCLA Laser Refractive Center (CLICK HERE TO VISIT)

UCLA Laser Refractive Center offers superior vision correction in a patient-centered environment. Access to established and pioneering technologies such as LASIK in Los Angeles for a wide range of refractive errors enables faculty doctors to optimize results by meeting each patient's individual needs.

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2. Davidorf Eye Group (CLICK HERE TO VISIT)

Welcome to the Davidorf Eye Group, led by Jonathan M. Davidorf, M.D. ,in West Hills, California, a 30 minute drive from downtown Los Angeles. We strive to provide the most sophisticated laser eye surgery in a thoughtful and caring manner while promoting the highest standards of professional practice. We specialize in laser eye surgery, offering procedures from LASIK and lens implant surgery to routine eye exams to detect various eye disorders in both adults and children.

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3. East West Eye Institute (CLICK HERE TO VISIT)

We invite you to visit the East West Eye Institute for a complimentary LASIK consultation. We utilize the latest technology such as the VISX S4 excimer laser with advanced eyetracking capability and CustomVue wavefront. We offer affordable LASIK pricing as well. Our three certified LASIK surgeons, Nicholas Marsico, M.D., Fred Kurata, M.D. and Albert Davis, M.D. want you to know that when you choose to have LASIK with us you are guaranteed a combination of experience and laser technology that is of the highest quality.

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4. Kagan Institute (CLICK HERE TO VISIT)

Learn more about LASIK , Cataract Surgery , Blepharoplasty Eye Lifts, with treatment options available at Kagan Institute serving Los Angeles , West L.A. , Beverly Hills , L.A.. Visit our website to find out whether you are a candidate.

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5. Anaheim Eye Medical Group (CLICK HERE TO VISIT)

LASIK surgery, Cataract Surgery and Macular Degeneration treatment options available at Anaheim Eye Medical Group. Serving the greater Anaheim area and beyond.

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