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1. Nashua Eye Associates (CLICK HERE TO VISIT)

Founded in 1979, Nashua Eye Associates, PA. has become one of the largest providers of eye care, lasik surgery, cataract surgery and other vision correction procedures in the Southern New Hampshire and Northern Massachussetts regions. Together, Nashua Eye Associates, the Nashua Optical Company, The Contact Lens Center, and the Nashua Eye Surgery Center are able to offer complete eye care services that are truly state-of-the-art.

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2. Nashua Eye Associates (Refractive Site) (CLICK HERE TO VISIT)

We have been the first in New Hampshire to have performed the first LASIK/LASEK procedures and the first bilateral LASIK procedures in NH. We have done LASIK/LASEK on Eye Doctors in our practice, Doctors? wives, other family members of our Doctors, many of our staff, and other Doctors in the community, Lawyers, Airplane Pilots, Police Officers, Firefighters, Artists, and on an Indianapolis Race Car Driver. We measure our success by the number of patients who refer their family and friends to us.

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