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1. The Chippewa Valley Eye Clinic (CLICK HERE TO VISIT)

The Chippewa Valley Eye Clinic is committed to providing the safest and most advanced eye care in Western Wisconsin. We offer the latest surgical procedures including: LASIK, PRK, no-stitch cataract surgery, refractive lensectomy, BOTOX, and cutting-edge glaucoma treatments. Myopia correction with the Visian ICL phakic implant and Retaane injection therapy for macular degeneration will soon be available at the Chippewa Valley Eye Clinic upon FDA approval.

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2. Milwaukee Eye Care Associates (CLICK HERE TO VISIT)

Milwaukee Eye Care Associates is dedicated to providing vision care, general and pediatric ophthalmology services, cataract surgery, and refractive surgery in Southeastern Wisconsin. We will strive to consistently exceed the expectations of our patients through personalized patient care, outstanding patient outcomes, and the use of advanced technology.

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3. Dr. Marc D. Hirsch M.D. (CLICK HERE TO VISIT)

Are you searching for LASIK in Milwaukee? All patients are evaluated on each visit by Dr. Hirsch. This is a unique situation; many other surgeons will not be directly involved with the pre and post-operative care and in some situations you may not even meet the surgeon until the day of the surgery. Our offices are located in Mequon and Milwaukee for LASIK procedure.

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4. Marc D. Hirsch, M.D. (CLICK HERE TO VISIT)

Dr. Marc D. Hirsch is a Milwaukee LASIK Specialist and experienced surgeon. He and his team are committed to setting the standard for excellence in LASIK eye surgery. This website goes into detail about Dr. Hirsch's experience, training and how he has set himself apart from other Milwaukee LASIK specialist's.

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